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Champion Pro Grade Living Rubber Jigs


HERE IT IS........

The Champion Pro Grade LIVING RUBBER Brush Jig!

This jig will come with a long, bulky skirt that can be fished right out of the package or trimmed up to YOUR specs.  Made with medium, round Living Rubber that will cause the jig to "come to life" even when dead-sticking the jig.  The strands will dance in the water as the rubber floats and flares out due to it's natural buoyancy.  This jig is a great option for colder water as the Living Rubber won't lose as much of it's action as a silicone skirt would.  Give the fish in your local lake a look at a little something different and see for yourself the Living Rubber advantage!  Comes with a Gamakatsu heavy wire hook with a medium weed guard.  As with any other Champion product, we offer any custom changes to give you the most confidence while on the water! 

We can make these in football, ball and arky heads as well!   

1/4 and 3/8 oz will come with a 3/0 hook

1/2 and 5/8 oz will come with a 4/0 hook

3/4 and 1 oz will come with a 5/0 hook 

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