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My name is Woodrow E. Fields and I am the Owner and Product Designer of Champion Jigs, I have been blessed to be raised and live in Harlan County, Kentucky nearly all my life.  We are a faith-based Christian company with a love for fishing, especially bass fishing.  I fish mostly in the east Tennessee area and have been bass fishing with jigs for years. Champion Jigs is a company I started in February of 2016. An avid jig fisherman myself, I was tired of paying for jigs that didn’t get the job done and were made of cheap material and poorly put together. I initially got into making jigs to make them for myself but was so satisfied with the product I thought others would want to try them. Most jigs I use are a stand-up style brush jig that works great anywhere and all seasons of the year! I use only premium grade hooks, paint and skirt material. These jigs are made to last and will definitely catch bass, even in the most pressured fisheries.  I also like options.  That is why we have several different styles and give you the option of Mustad, Gamakatsu or Owner hooks to suit your needs.  So fish like a champion today with a Champion Jig where there is ”No exaggeration needed!”  Happy fishin' and God Bless!!!


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