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MUSTAD Brush Jig


The Champion Jigs MUSTAD Brush Jig is made with a heavy wire Mustad black nickel 60* bend hook. This jig has a hidden hook eye design to make them even less likely to hang up and is a stand-up style jig that is GREAT FOR FLIPPIN'. It puts the craw trailer you use in a defensive position that will really get the attention of big bucket mouths and smallies alike. These hooks are very economical, sharp and strong enough to set the hook on the biggest bass in the water.  These perform great around structure and can be used anywhere on the water to land the one that WON’T get away!

We offer 6 different sizes to cover any depth you would need to fish!!!

1/4 oz - 3/0 hook size            5/8 oz - 4/0 hook size

3/8 oz - 3/0 hook size            3/4 oz - 5/0 hook size

1/2 oz - 4/0 hook size                1 oz - 5/0 hook size

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