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Champion Jigs Customs

At we pride ourselves on each customer getting exactly what they want.  As fishermen ourselves, we fully understand how important it is to anglers to get exactly what they want.  We have dozens of custom color skirt combinations, 3 different head styles and over 12 jig head colors.  You may be asking yourself, "How do I get  a jig made with my very own customized options?"  Its simple!  Leave us a message on any changes you want on any jig and we will build it to your exact specifications.  Our jigs are each hand-made and are made to order.  This means that most of your customized options are FREE to make and costs you nothing extra!!!  If it's something we can't do, you will be notified promptly, however, there hasn't been a customization we couldn't do as of yet.  Please see a list below of how we have customized jigs and how YOU can customize YOUR jig to make it all your own!! 

  • Want a smaller or larger hook than what comes in the jigs you want??  Our molds, in most cases, fit one size smaller AND one size larger hook than what comes standard in the jig you order! 

  • What brand of hook do you prefer??  Champion Jigs offers 3 different hook options.  We use Mustad, Gamakatsu and Owner hooks to give you the options you need! 

  • Need a stiffer weed guard or want a different color than what comes standard in our jigs??  Our jigs all come standard with a medium strength weed guard and are colored to match the specific jig you order.  However, if you want a heavy weed guard, that's not an issue.  We offer that option in black on any of our jigs.

  • We now offer jigs with wire weed guards!  That is an option that you would currently have to contact us about and will have a minimal upcharge.

  • Want a different skirt color combination than what you see??  Look at all the many skirt colors we offer and combine the ones you want - up to 3 colors - to make a jig all your own.  Again, at NO EXTRA CHARGE!! 

  • At we want to be your one-stop-shop for all your jig needs.  If we don't have the skirt color you want, visit the link below and let us know the specific colors you want and we will work something out! 

  • Don't want your jig weedless and don't need a weed guard??  We can custom pour your jigs without a weed guard or hole for weed guard. 

  • Want your jig skirt cut to be a finesse style jig??  We will do that.

  • Want your jig heads poured with hole in the head for weed guard so you can put your own in??  Not a problem, let us know!!

  • Want a different color head than what comes standard on a jig??  Leave us a message, we will do that!


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