Champion Bladed Jigs


New to Champion Jigs is the Champion Bladed Jigs!!!  The Arky style head will give a great side to side, hunting action!  You can choose a variety of blade options that include color and whether or not you want "bubble holes" - see pic below.  The bubble holes create more turbulence in the water to mimic a fleeing bait fish and also stay down lower in the water column!  The split ring is stout and rated for 30 pounds just like the heavy duty snap swivel!  They come in 2 sizes - 3/8 oz and 1/2 oz!!  3/8 oz will come with a heavy GAMAKATSU 4/0 hook and the 1/2 oz will come with a heavy GAMAKATSU 5/0 hook to allow maximum hook exposure even when using a large, bulky trailer.  Each bladed jig will come with a full 60 strand skirt!  Choose between the standard and weedless versions.  Get what you want at an affordable price.  There has been no expense spared to build this one-of-a-kind bladed jig in great fish catching colors!  

FYI - If you like a color combination of any jig or spinnerbait we have on the website, that you would like to be on your bladed jig, leave a message to seller at check-out.  Color customization is FREE!