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Here's a Champion Buzzbait in Bluegill!!  An aluminum blade will come on these great buzzbaits and heavy .051" diameter wire!  Why aluminum blades you might ask!?!?  Aluminum blades can be bent back relatively easy.  Many times a buzzbait is fished close to cover or right on the bank and can land on rocks or other hard surfaces that can bend the blades which can be bent right back in place.  Plastic bladed buzzbaits can break when hitting hard surfaces and therefore not work properly. 


We want you to get exactly what you want!  You can choose to Add-A-Clacker to your Champion Buzzbait for even more added sound AND pick the direction the blade will turn - clockwise or counterclockwise!  Choose between the Standard or Custom bend on the wire as well!  The custom bend will put the hook a little deeper in the water to virtually eliminate short-strikes!

Champion Bluegill Buzzbait

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