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Check out the new Champion Triple Threat!  It's a spinnerbait with 3 blades to mimic a bait ball.  Top blade will have a #4 nickel Hildebrandt blade.  Bottom two blades will be in your choice of blades in either; nickel, gold, hammered nickel or hammered gold to give you the option you want in a bait.  As with all of our spinnerbaits, it will come with an American-made #2 Sampo ball bearing swivel so your spinnerbait will turn at even the slowest of retrieves.  Since it is a bigger style spinnerbait, unless otherwise requested, it will come with a 0.040" diameter wire and a 5/0 Gamakatsu hook!  Also, we have #4, #4.5 and #5 Hildebrandt willow leaf blades just in case you want further customization!  We have looped eye wire forms as well, if that is something you would prefer.



Champion Triple Threat Spinnerbait

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